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Charleston’s Quiet Haven – Middleton Place Inn


Remember the scene from The Patriot where the ship blows up? If you recall, just after that is the favorite “horse blanket” disgust portrayed by Cornwallis. He makes a derisive comment about attending a ball at Middleton Place when he should be attending balls in North Carolina… Yes, this is the Middleton Place and Cornwallis (at least as portrayed by The Patriot) was an idiot.

First of all, conveniently outside of Charleston where $400 a night is more common than not. Second, long windy driveway up to the Inn. Third, free admission to the historic house, grounds, gardens and farm area. Fourth, wooden benches and picnic tables on the edge of the bluff overlooking the Ashley River in which I saw dolphins cavorting and later saw an alligator sleepily paddling. Hiking trails, droopy Spanish moss and huge hardwoods. A pool and lodge with games. A hammock lazily swinging between two trees in the courtyard. Luxurious cabin-like rooms with huge bathrooms and tile tubs the size of my closet.

Do I really need to continue?

Plus, no one has lived til they’ve walked the streets of Charleston – particularly down by East Battery, up and down Broad and Market Streets, and yes – Rainbow Market is worth it. High Cotton was a classic must-enjoy. The Dark Side of Charleston walking tour was absorbing and (yes) dark…. I love this city.

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At $150 – $180 a night (and going up from there), it’s a very reasonable amount for the free continental breakfast, historic tour, hiking and lounging capabilities, and the nearness (yet remote) distance of Charleston. I highly recommend The Inn at Middleton Place – I look forward to going back.

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