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A Plug for Quidsi (Soap/Diapers/Casa/Wag/YoYo.coms)


“Quidsi” started with — and got me hooked within a short time. Not only could I get just about the same price on diapers/wipes as I could at Sams, I could have them delivered free to my door within 2 days….and have a vast array of options for both items and brands: Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best, Plum Baby, etc.

Then they got going. While I PREFER’s ability to sort BY UNIT PRICE (insanely awesome when dealing with things like toilet paper or laundry detergent), has an easier navigation and because orders can be combined for the free shipping (which applies after $50)….well….

Soon they added (Pets), (Toys) and now (Household) and I’m continually in love with the group. Here’s an example of customer service:

Item received damaged, a store credit towards my next purchase given AND the item reshipped.

Dog food had a recall — they auto shipped replacement food to me.

My most recent order was very large ($140) and included dog food, gluten-free cookies for the kids, diapers, toilet paper, laundry detergent, salsa, etc. It arrived in a very large giant box (which is, to UPS, a giant request to throw me as hard as you can because I’m so big). The salsa was broken open, as was the laundry detergent and the cookies were basically a nice pre-made crumb topping. I let them know (YES, I was NICE…because I’m usually on that end!).

Their response?

Not only did they refund 50% of my order to my card, they reshipped the entire order! Not just the damaged items. THE ENTIRE ORDER.

Along with a 7 paragraph email apologizing for our trouble and distress. I am again validated that the more wordy the response, the more it’s appreciated (every now and again someone tries to tell me I shouldn’t write long apologies and explanations but they really do help, otherwise customers feel brushed aside as if what they have to complain about isn’t important enough for a long answer).

Yet again, Quidsi and company have my vote for best customer service and satisfaction rate, in addition to being the most  convenient way to simplify and save time through delivery!

When they start doing produce — you’ll never see me in a grocery store again.

(FYI — they auto-apply any outstanding coupon for the item and you can also mail in coupons to use on your orders.) Want to get started on your love of delivery? ENTER COUPON CODE: LIZDARN08 for $10 off (and possibly also 20%!).

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