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Disney Store Rip-Off


Reese is *obsessed* with Princesses right now – Rapunzel, Cindarella, Belle, “Awore-a” – and greatly into being a princess herself. So of course, when Christmas comes up I’m going to Disney Store (or at least Disney Store online because you should all know by now how much I don’t like shopping).

I went to and saw this banner (left), which you’ll note says that free shipping will be given on your order of $75 or more. On Black Friday it also was giving 20% off. Of course, I assume this means on the subtotal, like every other online (or brick & mortar) retailer.

I placed my order – at a subtotal of $79. The coupon took off the 20% amount, but the shipping fee remained. 

I contacted “customer service” asking for my shipping refund, as based on their coupon text an order of $75 would get 20% off AND free shipping. First I was sent an auto reply that they could not assist me with licensing Disney products. (???)

I submitted my request again. I was this time sent an email that my subtotal did not reach $75 and that’s why the coupon did not work. I replied with my info a third time, including the screenshots. Again I was replied to with the statement that my subtotal was $63 not $79. They said that the 20% off lowered my subtotal – but as you can see by their own system (right) and my receipt (below) my subtotal was STILL $79.

Like every other store in the world, they show the coupons AFTER the subtotal…yet they don’t honor their own subtotal only the non-existent line below the subtotal and coupon amount apparently.

I’m on my 8th request / reply to Disney Store Online’s “customer service.” I can’t seem to get them to review my actual case, in lieu of canned auto-reply messages from representatives (Tristan, Shauna (who called ME Tristan), and Demiyer) who continue to claim my subtotal was not $75+ and that the coupon would only work if my order was over $75.

I also wish to note how the coupon doesn’t say “order $75 and get 20% off then add another $15 and THEN get free shipping.” Apparently this is what they MEANT to say….?

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