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750 Words a Day


I’ve kept a consistent journal for over 10 years. Granted, with the arrival of children, my writing is more sporadic, time lapses can be several weeks and posts can end in mid sentence – presumably with a vocalized “No!  Agh!”

Many tout the wisdom of consistent and honest journaling. Not only can it help you think more clearly (builds focus, flushes out the noise), keep you more popular with coworkers and family (getting things off your chest on paper is better than face-to-face, trust me), and help you write and speak better (you don’t um and uh your way through journals).

Journaling gives you an outlet to think, dream, vent, idealize, and invent. To-dos, schedules, ideas, positive moments, negative moments, who cares but me moments….journaling is not a diary by the bedside necessarily. It’s more of a by your side at all times record of your life. I think more clearly after writing. I get things off my mind and “wrassle” my thoughts to a quieter hum. 30 words, 3000 words. It shouldn’t matter. But writing does improve creativity and clarity. Daily is preferable, if you can.

Enter – Counts your words, can send you a daily reminder to write, all online. If you’re like me, you’ll probably never stray from the smooth pen gliding on the lined (college ruled, thank you) sheets encased in a leather covered journal. However, it’s been recommended that many (like me) CAN type faster than they write. And this tool will not only remind you to write your important daily sentiments, it also tracks your overall mood. Pretty cool….

Some great posts on Journaling in general:

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