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Necktie Luggage Tag


ReadyMade Magazine (one of my Coke Rewards rewards) has a great website, even better than Real Simple, in my opinion. One of my favorite little DIY projects they featured is a necktie repurposed into a luggage tag.

1Lay tie flat. Starting at the narrow end, measure 16 inches down the length of the tie and cut with scissors. The wide end will be the body of the luggage tag, and the narrow end of the tie will serve as the luggage attachment.
2Pass the cut end of the narrow tie piece through the slide buckle. Make a 2-inch loop, and stitch the loop securely.
3On the wide tie piece, measure 8 inches from the tip and cut the end off with scissors. Discard non-pointed end. Center a vinyl rectangle right side up on front of tie.
4Stitch around three sides of the vinyl (leaving one short end open) with either a needle or a sewing machine to form a pocket for your address card.
5Fold the cut end of the wide tie piece ¼ inch toward the backside of the tie, and then fold that over another ½ inch to form your seam. Topstitch to make a ¼-inch seam. Align the stitched part of the looped piece with the seam you just made, and topstitch in place.
6Loop the narrow end of the tie point around your luggage handle and thread it back through the buckle to secure. Now you’re ready for takeoff.
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