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The Year of the Baby


It seems like everyone I know is pregnant – I’m at the stage in life where all the people I know practically are getting married, having babies, having second babies…. It’s likely we’re going to be hosting or helping to host a baby shower in the next few months and as always, the goal of “being the coolest, best, funnest shower EVER” comes immediately to my mind. I am, as I will admit, competitive and extremely desirous of being popular/liked. It makes me pander to anything I can think of to have an awesome time planned for the guests of honor.

These unique and fun ideas came up during my perusal:

Coed Showers – They don’t have to be giggly, girly events where the guys awkwardly stand around listening to seasoned moms talk about breastfeeding or wear silly bonnets in diaper pin counting contests. Some more clever ideas I found were bottle-chugging contests, stroller derby, diaper changing races and baby food guessing.To avoid the inevitable “tell-all” from any pro moms on anything related to breastfeeding, childbirth or postpartum discomfort, try a “taboo words” game throughout the event: say anything about taboo topics and $1.00 goes in the jar (IOU’s if necessary) for baby’s first piggy bank!

Picturesque Party – In the old days, once baby arrived all the ladies would gather for tea and “crumpets” (scones, pastries, cucumber sandwiches, you get the picture) and admire the newest addition while also gifting delicate treasures to the new mother. Think how much fun it will be to present a smiling, cooing baby to guests rather than waddling about trying to pick up packages with a watermelon between! Especially if your crowd will be mostly relatives, this will alleviate a lot of pressure to “meet baby” (IE drop-by’s for weeks!).

Virtual Visit – Relatives and friends far out of state? With webcams and video chat through Google and iChat, there’s no reason you can’t have a virtual shower! Have “guests” ship packages to you and then at a specific time, link in together to enjoy a virtual visit!

Meal Magic – If this is a 3rd or 4th child, typically a shower isn’t given because it is presumed the family has everything they need for the newest arrival. Can you think of what they DO need? HELP! With a new baby in the house, especially if the siblings are younger, mom in recovery and dad in helper mode are going to be stressed trying to get groceries, meals and laundry dealt with. A group of people can easily help by organizing a meal or two each day and dropping by for an hour’s worth of laundry, cleaning, child bathing, baby sitting, mom-helping, etc. The possibilities are endless – if you’ve ever had a new baby (and even a new baby with other children already), you know how much you can use some help those first 2-3 weeks, especially after dad’s gone back to work!

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