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Last Minute Getaway Plans?


I’m not a last minute planner, generally, but every now again a long week makes a short getaway a good idea to rest and recuperate. When quick plans call for a good deal, here are some ideas.

  • Consider taking a bus. Plane tickets can be expensive, and so can trains but a Bus ticket can actually be very affordable and some even offer WiFi these days. Check out and
  • Check out for the latest bargains in lodging. HotWire has also been known to give good deals.
  • can provide discounts on cruises as much as 60% off! Consider that cruise fares include meals and lodging (plus no rental car needs), you’re getting a pretty good deal!

Don’t care where you go? Try and choose your departure city and how much you care to spend. You’ll get a list of places that match.

As always, remember that midweek flight booking and travel will be less. Saturday travel is also lower but not as low as a a Tuesday or Wednesday. Remember to use Google for possible coupons/deals on lodging and travel (particularly where rental cars are concerned!). When traveling alone, it’s a good idea to make sure at least 1 person knows your itinerary, route, plans and contact numbers of the places you are staying. A good precautionary measure will be to check in at least once an hour. Last but not least: remember to pack light. You won’t want to be distracted and burdened (ie stressed out!) by cumbersome luggage.

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