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Cedar Grilling Planks and Papers


If you’re like me, when you go out to eat you don’t want the same things you make at home (thinking spaghetti or macaroni and cheese)! You want to try something you don’t or even can’t easily make at home on a regular weeknight. Typically for me, this will end me up on the more expensive side of the menu where it says “Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon with Rosemary Garlic Smashed Potatoes with Platinum Pool of Gravy” (IE $15.99) or “Encrusted Grilled Trout on pilaf of shredded asparagus with roasted lemon butter potatoes sprinkled in gold dust” (IE $13.99). Yes, my tastes run along the lines of a heiress’ fortune. I worked for a fine dining restaurant where the average lunch bill (sans alcohol) was $85-$100 and things with fancy names and rather unappetizing descriptions were served, like fois gras and carpacio. But oy, the Carrot Puree with fresh tarragon! Whatever – I digress.

So imagine if Cedar Plank Salmon could be done from home with these affordable, somewhat reusable (if not badly charred) Western Red Cedar Planks and Papers ($5.99 – $9.99) – Check out for recipes as well – Beer Marinated Flank Steak has got me (and hubby) drooling!

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