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Gift Ideas for the Single Guy

12/02/2010 – 20 days free, annual subscription; select which item (undershirts, underwear or socks in varying styles) and how often; shipping worldwide is included in the price, easy renewal or cancellation. Magic Box (gift subscription) to have a box sent to the person of your choosing, who put their old socks in the box and mail it back for replacement in new socks! – An online tool to create customized hand-sewn shirts in an infinite number of styles and fabric combinations. A little pricey at $75, but if you know a picky dresser who has it all…. – For the snazzy dresser who hasn’t got the time (or talent) to pick out their wardrobe, this site does the trick. After consulting with a fashion expert via Skype or webcam (or if you’re near Michigan Ave in Chicago, stop by!), hand-selected clothing arrives at your door (free shipping) for trying on. What doesn’t make the cut is shipped back on enclosed label, free again and what’s kept will be billed. – Night vision binoculars, talking Star Wars plush figures, water powered watch, Bluetooth keyboard the size of a credit card…you get the picture. – For the foodie, bison is the new beef. Heart healthy and the best body building meat, you’ll find burgers, steaks, sausages and even recipes at this site, and free shipping on any order!

Around the World or Microbrew Beer Buckets – Ok, even I want this! From $70-$120, who can resist not only the gourmet snacks, but the ready-for-ice bucket full of beer?

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