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Corner Shelving


Earlier this year, we turned our mostly unused living room “coat” closet into a home office nook with a simple piece of scrap wood from the Home Depot “cheap” section and a free sample can of Glidden paint in Wheat.

It’s by no means as fancy as some “closet turned home office nooks,” but it was cheap and it made the desired affect. That being said, I hung 2 nails with clipboards on the nails for a paper storage system (you know, those inevitable “I should hang onto this” papers). Then I came across this set of corner shelving online and ooooh….

Another great idea I came across recently is a heavy base, pedestal style shelving system that takes up only a square foot of space! The weighted base allows the 10-14 shelves to hold 50-70 books; in white or gray, this steel shelf is a classy way to hold a lot of books in few inches. I love it!

Of course, if you have the level and wall anchors to properly mount this little feature, you’ve got an instant shelf in any spot.

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