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How I Got an Ipod Touch Gen. 4 for $92


Our household is officially and fully converted to Mac. My husband has always devoted himself to the hope that one day he could woo me into the world of Apple (beyond use of an Ipod) and after many moons of rolling my eyes… I must say… It’s official.

I love Mac.

Whew. There I said it.

My PC-adoring father is moaning in despair somewhere out there right now.

Moving on to how we got a Generation 4 Ipod Touch for $92.

First, we sold our 2007 Mac Mini back to PowerOn (Apple authorized recycle program). They originally quoted a value (which they give on an Apple gift card) at $190, but upon receipt they attempted to tell us there was a faulty ethernet port. Strange how we never had one single issue with the ethernet port…. They offered us $59. I protested this decision and requested they ship back the computer to us (as they promise to do if the bid doesn’t match original quote). They offered me $79 to not have to ship it back to me. I declined…and they offered me the full value of the original quote: $190.

I’m not saying anything is a scam here – but this is the exact same scenario that occurred when I sold back my Dell laptop to a similar program. They claimed my keyboard was faulty in that case (which it was not!) and offered me a drastically lower price than originally quoted. I refused, they came with a slightly higher bid, I refused again and they gave me the full value they originally stated. Does this seem fishy to you? Two companies, two years apart, same situation? How many people take the first or even the second bid? I leave this to you…and return to the path from which I have digressed.

Armed with $190 in Apple gift cards, my husband and I drove the hour to the nearest Apple store bearing a 3 year old Nano to turn into the store for a 10% discount on our next Ipod. And that is the short version lengthened on how we got an Ipod Touch for $92.

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  1. 11/15/2010 7:31 am

    OK, now if you could tell me how to get my MAC tower for under 2,000? Trying to convert over but money holds me back!

  2. Rebekah permalink
    11/16/2010 9:55 am

    LOL! I’m glad to hear that I won’t have to hear about how much you hate Apple computers anymore… 😉

  3. JustSayin' permalink
    01/01/2011 4:10 pm

    You actually paid the price you paid for your Mac Mini plus $92 plus the cost of gas for driving to the store and back. Trading in something you paid for in the past to get something else for less money now doesn’t get back the original money spent.

    Granted, you may not need the Mac Mini anymore but the purchase price of that machine plus the time the money was tied up in the Mac Mini should be accounted for.

    • 01/03/2011 9:09 pm

      Since I no longer needed the MacMini and because the reseller program was my only option for selling it and getting anything for it because it was outdated, and because we were near the Apple store anyway, those 2 were not big enough of a deal to include – the point was we were able to get a new Ipod without paying full price for it. 🙂 Thanks!

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