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One word: AMAZING!


I try not to geek out too often, but I simply can’t refrain this time.

My mother began homeschooling me when I was 3. For the next 15 years, my mother was limited by the old school methods of hunt and search, compare and contrast, yes to this, no to this, teach this but skip that…. Those days are gone. God bless the INTERNET and the expansions that I will be allowed to take advantage of when I begin homeschooling my kids in a year or so.

Wish you had an online homeschool academy that not only provides the calendar, lessons, assignments and tests but also keeps records, provides CDs, ebooks, videos and supplemental websites in addition to books and workbooks? Down to the details like teaching music, providing ID cards, teaching computers, higher math, photography, PE, language, SAT prep, business, driver’s education, cinematic history, culinary arts, forensics, public speaking, personal finance, intro to medicine, web design……in addition to your standard History, Science, English, Math, this online tool provides accredited courses, teacher support, assignments, testing, projects, placement tests…..

Do I REALLY need to keep going? Ok. How about a timelog (keeping track of every minute), virtual study hall, record-keeping, progress reports, and transcripts so that this Pre-K through 12th grade online school can provide you with a High School Diploma.

You’re given a 1 month trial period during which you can cancel should it not work out for you and receive your annual fee returned minus the appropriate fees for the month of use, etc.  All course materials for 1 academic year of 10 months are included; there’s a standard registration fee and shipping fee and coursework CD fee (1 – 10, avg. 4 CDs per course). I’m amazed – truly.

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