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Skin, Hair & Energy



  • Co-Q-10 (Coenzyme Q10): Protects your skin from oxidative stress, gives cells the energy they need to repair themselves and is as stimulating as caffeine.
  • Evening primrose oil: An omega-6 fatty acid, it treats eczema and helps your skin hold water more effectively.
  • Vitamin C: Without the antioxidant, your body can’t make more collagen – and is much better for you orally than through skin creams.
  • Fish and Flaxseed oil: Omega 3 fatty acids strengthen the skin’s barrier and keeps moisture in, irritants out.


  • B6: A coenzymes (a molecule that works with an enzyme to enable a better body reaction), B6 (and all the B vitamins) are natural magic nutrients. Besides hair, skin, stress, and other issues, B vitamins also protect against dementia and irritability.
  • Folic Acid: Not just for pregnant women, folic acid is a wonderful B vitamin that aids heart health, prevents depression and combats dementia.
  • Again, flaxseed oil.


  • B12 and B6: Again, B vitamins are at the top of “energy boosting” vitamins. Women especially are prone to a B vitamin deficiency which can cause irritability, lack of energy, forgetfulness, stress, and yes  unhealthy hair and skin.
  • Iron: Low iron (anemia) doesn’t just occur during pregnancy – low iron is a huge contributor to chronic fatigue.
  • Magnesium: In order to produce ATP (the main energy producing molecule in the body), you need magnesium, therefore the deficiency of magnesium slows the rate of ATP production, thus energy creation.
  • Calcium: Yes, calcium makes strong bones, preventing osteoporosis. It also helps your heart, your blood clot (important when you’re wounded), helps your nerves talk to your brain properly, causes your muscles to contract properly and keeps teeth healthier. Magnesium is the transporter of calcium, hence the reason they should be taken simultaneously.
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