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Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream


“In his compelling new book, Radical, David Platt delivers a powerful picture of the church in America today that, on key points, stands in sharp contrast to what the Bible shows us about the person and purpose of Jesus Christ. David challenges Christians to wake up, trade in false values rooted in the American dream, and embrace the notion that each of us is blessed by God for a global purpose—to make Christ’s glory known to all the nations! This is a must-read for every believer!” —WESS STAFFORD, president and CEO, Compassion Intl.

“We have moved into a generation of young leaders who have a passion to surrender the American dream if necessary in order to embrace fully, compassionately, and wholeheartedly a bigger dream—the Great Commission. I have never been challenged by an author more than I have by David Platt. Read Radical, be blessed, and be changed.” —JOHNNY HUNT, president, Southern Baptist Convention, and pastor, First Baptist Church of Woodstock

Radical will cause you to bounce on a spectrum between two words: ouch and amen. Tough truths do that. They challenge us to examine our lives and then choose the lasting over the temporary. Read Radical if you’re ready to live differently.” —GREGG MATTE, senior pastor, First Baptist Church of Houston

“David Platt’s book will leave anyone who sincerely engages with his challenge dissatisfied—and faced with a decision: What will authentic faith look like in my life? This book has the potential to revitalize churches today to practice a radical, biblical lifestyle that can transform society and reach a lost world.” —JERRY RANKIN, president, InternationalMission Board, Southern Baptist Convention

Platt encourages today’s Christians to truly abandon the world’s siren call and to embrace Christ with full abandonment. Radical opens with a room of individuals from Asia who could be imprisoned and tortured for even gathering together. America’s Christians have been lulled into an apathetic lackadaisical stupor, imbibing of the gluttony and passivity of a culture driven by hedonistic pleasures. Platt calls Christians to make a radical decision to passionately embrace the nature of Christ’s mission.

Multnomah Publishers is offering a completely FREE copy, so visit them here: to request. Want to read the first chapter first? Click here and visit the book’s website as well here:

I’m really looking forward to delving deeper into this book. I think it will be a challenging look at where my priorities truly lie….

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