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WOW! Everyone needs Alice!


This site is amazing. I am so far thrilled, and hope that I can confirm that it is insanely wonderful.

First, you choose your family size, then the products you use regularly (shampoo, dish soap, diapers, etc.). Then you can not only find the items you use and coupons (for instance, laundry detergent turned up 181 types of detergents and 68 coupons). You can set up how often you run out of these items, and then “Alice” will order for you.  Not only do you still get to get deals (Alice finds the best price, auto-calculates the coupons available…) but you get your items without having to visit the store!

Budgeting tools, reports like monthly spending and coupon savings, and even a referral program are also bonus neat bits to this site.  I’m thrilled with such a time-saving and organized site. So far it resembles, which I find extremely clean and organized while also being resourceful.

Check it out – I haven’t yet thoroughly determined if the savings are as good as regular store sales, but for time management, this one-time setup is going to save anyone time and effort for sure. As a full-time working mom…that in itself is beneficial!

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  1. 10/16/2009 11:43 am

    Thanks for spreading the word on Alice – thrilled you like the site and appreciate the kind words 🙂

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