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Think flight delays, being lost in an unfamiliar city, cramped airline seats and a crappy hotel rated 4 stars (2 years ago!) are simply trials to be endured? Think again with these great sites that can assist in creating a more pleasant travel experience.

Raveable.comCompares and organizes reviews from websites like Tripadvisor and Travelpost, then ranks hotels against others in the same area in a clean, readable format.

Flightstats.comDelay data for almost every U.S. airline, airport, route and time of day so you can avoid the average 83 minute delay 52 percent of flights between JFK and San Francisco at 5pm on Fridays! This site also lists weather data, parking and traffic information; but because of the wealth of info listed, this site takes a little savvy to navigate it properly.

Tripit.comSubmit your flight, car and hotel confirmation emails to this site and it creates a complete itinerary with maps, weather info, and directions. Simply print it out or download the free Iphone app!

Seatguru.comDetailed information for hundreds of aircraft, including recline angles, misaligned windows, power outlets, lavatory proximity and most legroom. Tiny Blavatar 02

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