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Vaccine Ingredients


I have never been a strong supporter of vaccines and had made the decision at the very least to hold off til my children had a year or two to build up their immune systems before I shot them full of horrible diseases in the hopes of preventing those same diseases (some of which have not surfaced since 1979 like polio)….but this is absolutely appalling and the final straw.

We’re talking formaldehyde, aborted babies, latex, genetically modified yeast, MSG, animal DNA…. A broad assortment of chemical toxins that cause liver, kidney or immune system failure…. I will say no more. Tiny Blavatar 02

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  1. 09/21/2009 10:09 pm

    Hey, thought your comments on vaccinations were interesting and(if you’ll excuse me for saying this) very typical; especially considering you are a mother of very young children and every decision you make in regards to their health is made with caution. However,having been raised in a family of 11 children, all of whom have had the standard vaccinations, I can say that I am a healthy 21 year old who has never suffered liver diseases, kidney failures, etc. And might I add, neither have my other 10 siblings. Currently, it is a “fad” to say that vaccinations are harmful. Former pediatrician Dr. Denmark, a 111 year old woman, has done research on vaccinations during her 75 years of practice, particularly on the vaccine for pertussis(11 years). My mom wrote a book about her called “Dr. Denmark Said It!”, in which she recommends in, chapter#13, vaccinations for whooping cough,MMR(measles,mumps and rubella),tetanus,etc. If you have a chance I encourage you to check it out. Her book has blessed thousands of mothers!

    • 09/28/2009 8:30 pm

      I have read her book, actually and been influenced by a good deal of Dr. Denmark’s opinions. However, as with everything I take it with a grain of salt. I am a healthy 25 year old who did not get a single vaccine her entire life. I was closely involved as a child with friends who had the mumps, the measles, chicken pox and severe and frequent cases of the flu as a result of vaccines and never picked up anything worse than a 2 day flu once. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however when a flu vaccine contains a dangerous ingredient and is pushed on infants, elderly and pregnant women – all of whom are not sufficiently equipped with immune systems to fight off any harmful affects. I do not think vaccines should be outlawed or not administered under any circumstances – I simply believe that people swallow whatever a doctor tells them and one of these things is the current idea that newborns and very young infants whose immune systems are not strong should be compromised in order to prevent something that is preventable by other means (chiropractic care, multivitamins, washing your hands properly, etc.). Thanks for the comment!

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