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Free Educational Sites


Science – Tutorials and multimedia examples that demystify the concepts of physics, complete with explained and illustrated sample problems.

Math – High school math explained in the concepts of algebra, probability, calculus with a thorough search engine to track down individual topics quickly. Another math site offers practice quizzes and step-by-step solutions for trigonometry, calculus while providing only a brief overview which might be less helpful to someone like me who needs a more thorough explanation of the problem.

English – Purdue University Online Writing Lab offers 200 free lessons and guides for 7th grade and up, and has advice on structuring a thesis or essay, doing research and avoiding common composition pitfalls to help your teen (and college applicant) ace their writing requirements. A different English site covers the mechanics of writing and gives detailed explanations of the parts of speech, sentence structure and paragraph flow with over a hundred quizzes to test knowledge.

Literature (and more) – 7th grade and up information on basic French and Spanish, geometry, chemistry, and more plus the 150+ free literature guides. Cheat Sheets are also available for test-prep.

While this site doesn’t offer everything (like grammar), multiple subjects including history, biology, psychology and calculus are covered at HippoCampus, with excellent written, audio and video tutorials with review questions inserted throughout. There are also interactive aids for 100+ textbooks.

Of course, if you have a teen preparing for college, College Board and College Bound both answers many questions for parents and students and give a wealth of information and tips for choosing a college and getting started in the process to apply, etc. You can’t start too early! Tiny Blavatar 02

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