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Ingenious Ideas


Split_Ring_KeyThis website has created a fantastic convenience tool. A key blank that can be cut to fit your house with a ring attachment for your other keys. $7 for 2 of them. I’m always struggling with a baby, purse, bottle and who knows what else to find THE house key on my ring of 6 keys. Someone had their thinking cap on!

Also, Daily Deal is giving a huge discount on a Bennoti Espresso and Cappuccino maker. Amazon lists it for $149 and Daily Deal is offering it for only $79.99 today. Hurry, this expires in 14 hours! Read more about the machine here.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – which I have found to work marvelously well – is now going to be available in an all natural formula. Since it was already pretty natural (with peruvian balsam, zinc and castor oil being the main ingredients), I’m assuming that the biggest change will be the base of petroleum in the original formula to beeswax in the all natural formula. I haven’t got my hands on it yet, so this is just a theory.

product_groupWhile NOT cheap ($129 retail!) this innovative idea would be a fantastic item if you could find it somewhere used. The Nap Nanny – a foam wedge for babies; portable, weighing 3 pounds, available in 4 different washable covers, covered in a waterproof liner and complete with a harness to keep baby secure, this unique  sleep aid elevates babies 30 degrees to eliminate gas and reflux, colic, colds and stuffiness. This is going onto my wish list to look for on Craigslist, etc. I really like the fact that I could harness the baby in and thus not be concerned about them rolling out or off like the standard wedge sleep positioners.

Do you take prescription medicine? Try out PharmacyChecker and Pillbot to sort through price comparisons.

Heading to an unfamiliar destination? Check out Packwhiz for a generated checklist or a create-your-own list of what to pack.  It’s slightly generic to start with, but helpful to remind you of necessary items. My favorite section is a list of “To Do” at home before you leave (like take out the garbage and turn off appliances to save energy while you’re away).

If you have a man in your life with big feet like my husband (size 13.5), you know how difficult finding shoes can be. Hitchcock Shoes has 200 styles from size 5 – 20!

Clean smudges off straw hats and purses by gently rubbing with the weave using a soft, kneadable eraser (available from arts/crafts stores). Before using, spray new accessories with a soil repellent like Kiwi Protect All. Tiny Blavatar 02

Need a quick teeth brushing on the go? Carry Colgate’s tiny Wisp brushes with you or in your desk drawer. These no water single use brushes come in packs of 4 for $2.49 (Walgreens) in 3 flavors with built in breath fresheners. Great for those pop-up meetings right after lunch!

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