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Summer Picnics


Summers are the perfect time to spend time together as a family outside in the yard or at the park. An old quilt and the cooler full of cold salads, cold watermelon, a bag of chips, veggies and dip…memories are made of these delights enjoyed that much more with the subsiding heat of a summer day some evening or even the blazing sun right before a dip in the lake. Tell me you’re not thinking of a childhood memory right now!

First, though, there’s the bug-issue. My husband is a bug magnet, and we highly recommend Bug Band from Carolina Green Company. Deet-free, this band lasts up to 120 active hours and comes with a neat little container to keep it reusable between active usage. Bugband uses Geraniol, which has been proven to work more efficiently against mosquitos than Deet or even Citronella. The unique band can wrap around a wrist, leg, backpack, cooler handle, or all of the above for maximum bug protection. It does have a similar to honey-bee scent as a warning to be prepared for an unexpected attempt at nectar gathering.

Another nifty idea I came across is an adjustable-height picnic table, 30×30 with legs that adjust from 16-24,” and rolls up to the size of a yoga mat. The price is a little hefty from Amazon at $80 but if you’re adverse to the ants go marching across the food, across the food…. There is also a non-height-adjustable table for under $50 for a more affordable option. Throw in some folding stools or camp chairs and dinner is served!

image.phpHow about a portable kitchen? Camping Station provides, for just $60, a station complete with paper towel rack, a back rack for hanging coffee mugs and utensils, a 32 inch counter top and a bottom rack for storing supplies like bowls, pots, food, whatever you desire. The entire aluminum station weighing just 16 pounds (that’s less than my 1 year old daughter!) compacts into itself and stores flat into just 5″. The entire surface space set up is 24 deep by 36 wide by 32 tall. Pretty amazing and a surprisingly affordable idea not just for summer picnics and park outings, camping and barbecue get-togethers, but even for tailgating and bonfire parties in the fall! Camping Station has a ton of other neat products, too.

Of course, what would it be without a picnic basket? There’s an affordable (just $13) collapsible, aluminum frame basket….or the traditional willow basket complete with service for 4 at $42. For a romantic evening of wine at sunset after a mountain-top hike, there’s the insulated backpack, complete with deluxe service for 2, a wine bottle cozy and a detachable fleece blanket for $65.

Last but not least, Dippin Dots is developing a new product line: coffee dots! Just add hot water and instant cup o’ Joe for those breezy nights under the stars.

For the adults, Tetra Pak has provided a greener (and definitely more portable) option to the glass bottle. Whole Foods and Alice White wines are among several brands offering their wines in these handy cartons. Tiny Blavatar 02

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  1. port permalink
    07/28/2009 3:59 am

    Fun and excitement is the name of the game when you go on picnics. On the current economic status, saving money is a thing every family would like to do. A good old fashion picnic is a superb way to save and have fun.. What�s so great about a picnic is that children typically like them just as much as adults. Hey, grab your picnic baskets and be delighted.

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