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Paired Together Benefits


We all know that fruits, veggies and nuts are good for us – but were you aware that certain combinations together make an even better healthy reaction? For instance:

Oats & Citrus – High levels of fiber found in oats is known to lower cholesterol, but combined with the vitamin C from citrus fruits, delivers another heart-saving benefit by preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which is build- up in the arteries.

Blueberries & Walnuts – They both contain polyphenols, which boost our memory and cognition. Together they also reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation that weakens our brains as we age.

Onions & Garlic – You might be noticed half a mile away, but you’ll have a much lower risk of developing cancer. Garlic hinders tumor growth and onions block excess hormones; combine them together for the full effect.

Tomatoes & Olives – Tomatoes are rich in cancer-fighting lycopene and  olives have antioxidant vitamin E. Together, vitamin E and lycopene slow prostate cancer growth by 73% and that a diet full of both can cut the risk of heart disease. Don’t forget the age old remedy of olive oil and lemon juice for gall bladder discomforts.

Turmeric & Pepper – Turmeric, often used in Indian recipes, is a strong anti-inflammatory spice, reducing the tissue damage that causes a myriad of diseases and disasters. It also suppresses the growth of new blood vessels required for cancer cells to thrive, called angiogenesis. Our bodies absorb it’s benefits 2,000 times better when combined with pepper!

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