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*!* Savings Galore Today *!*


Publix: Spent $4.56, for $26+ in groceries. A1 sauce was BOGO and I had $2 off coupons (the price each was $2.10) so they were $0.10 each. Plus the 1 cent item was a bag of tortilla chips – better than cheese singles, not as good as toilet paper. haha!

CVS: Spent $56, for $97+ stuff. I got 3 Pantene ProV shampoos for $2.33 (a bit less than Walmart price) but on top of that, each of them allowed me to get a styling product free (Mousse and hairspray). Plus 4 $1 toothbrushes and 3 packs of $7 diapers allowed me to get 8 free AA batteries; my contact solution was $15 for a 2-pack (Walmart is $13.42) but I had a $3 off coupon, plus got $2 in EB. Also got $4.50 in EB for CVS tape at $1.50 – so I got 2 free containers of on sale nuts with the EB.

Walmart: Saved $27 (spent $96 but some of it was just necessities like a trash can and goaty milk). Got a BOGO sea salt chunk smelly stuff ($5 for both of them, not bad) and $0.55 cents off the freeze dried yogurt treats that Reese loves and thus I use to pacify her somewhat while I trim her nails, an increasing difficult and much strategized task. They were $0.20 cents less at Walmart than Kroger and Kroger wouldn’t have doubled the coupon anyway. Also was surprised when I used 4 coupons for a free can of Mighty Dog food, priced at $0.57 but the register rang the coupon out as being $1.00 off! So not only did I get 4 free cans of food, I got an extra $1.72 off my order. ? Works for me!

Tadpoles: Kennesaw’s consignment shop for maternity/children. Got a pair of shorts, a pair of bermuda shorts, a pair of jeans that miraculously are cuffed and thus can be rolled up one more time to be short enough (most maternity jeans are about 14 inches too long for my short self; it’s pretty funny when one can buy capris and wear them as full-length pants), a dress and a shirt. I also picked up a brand new box of 4 9 oz. plastic BPA-free Avent bottles which I was needing due to Reese’s disastrous mishaps with several of her glass bottles for just $10, worth triple that. A 2 pack of 4 oz. bottles is $15 at Babies R Us! I also found a $5 pack of cute gender neutral Circo onsies unopened, for a future baby shower gift. Figure in that with their frequent shopper program, I got $5 off today, $5 off next time and got a few punches toward yet another $5. (Yes, I spent $90 but I got $250 something worth, you know; the shorts were worth $50, I looked them up online, another pair $35 and the dress $25; the prices I paid were $6 – $10…..)

Babies R Us: We decided to try and sell our travel system stroller, monstrosity that it is and considering we’re about to have 2 youngsters. I had gotten one of the frame strollers for the infant seats for #2, and have been looking for a good lightweight umbrella stroller for #1 (to no avail). BRUs sent us a 15% off coupon and I also had a $5 off a $25 purchase from Toys R Us. BRUs let me use both! So I got a $40 stroller for $29. The $20 stroller was a little too flimsy for my personal tastes or I COULD have had one for $19. 🙂

Then I met up with the hubby for a steak dinner with salad bar and 2 sides BOGO at Ruby Tuesday! Gotta love THAT. We spent (before tip) $14 instead of $28 and ate our fill of salad and I have lunch leftovers for tomorrow.

*!*All in all – this was a good day for savings*!*

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