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Thrift / Consignment Stores


Goodwill has a reputation for being high on the list of thrift stores, but I find their “retail style” pricing to be a little high compared to the average local shop. There is a downside with small shops, however, in that with Goodwill you’re almost guaranteed to locate something you need and you might have to visit 2-3 local thrift shops to find what you’re wanting. There’s a thrift shop in Smyrna and a consignment shop in Kennesaw and one in Powder Springs that have very decent maternity sections, for instance. The consignment stores tend to be slightly higher priced but better quality finds, but thrift shops can really surprise you. I got what looks like a nearly new Old Navy jean maternity shirt for $2.95. Then I went to Goodwill and didn’t find a thing I liked in my size. The consignment shops had several items I liked – for $4 higher than I was willing to pay. Moral of the story: shopping around for clothing at thrift/consignment stores is just as recommended as when shopping for a big screen TV. Just because it’s “only $5” doesn’t mean that it’s WORTHY of your $5.

Books – let me recommend thrift shops for books! You can almost always find several great finds for 25 or 50 cents. I sometimes like to read the book behind a movie I like, for instance The Devil Wears Prada and In Her Shoes. Both paperbacks I found at a thrift shop for 25 cents. When I was finished, I took them to a used book store and got $1 store credit. Works for me! I just got paid 50 cents to read those books! I’ve also found unique finds like 1001 Cleaning Tips and The Southern Woman’s Guide to Flirting. Never know when THAT will come in handy….

Children’s Toys and Shoes – I found a pair of $25 size 3 Crocs for $4 at a consignment shop. I also find the occasional toy (ones that are washable) for pennies. Some stores do grab bags of toys from Kids Meals. Why pay for an expensive kids meal when you can purchase a 25 cent bag of toys, clean them and keep them in the car for the drive-thru trip? Works for me!

Fabric – Between sheets, curtains, and tablecloths, there is usually a pretty good supply of fabric for a few pennies or dollars. Sure, you’re stuck with looking several places for a good selection, but if you’re wanting to take up a sewing craft or project you’re bound to find something that works a lot cheaper than by the yard anywhere else!

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  1. Jolene permalink
    07/08/2009 10:07 am

    There is another Children’s conseignment store in Douglasville off of Hwy 5 right behind the McDonald’s. I have gone several times and thier prices are higher than Tadpoles I can’t say much for their Customer service and I have tried to sell to them several times with no luck. Now with 5 kids and 1 on the way I buy and sell clothes at a conseignment level ALL of the time. I know how to do it and always take clothes in EUC (no stains,tears, or old items).
    I have never seen them buy anything more than $10.00(cash not store credit) or so from me. When I take the same clothes to a church sale or Tadpoles I always sell at least 80% of my items. humph 😦 The up side to this store is that they almost always have high chairs, swings, and hard to find toys there ( you just pay more than you would like for used), but they are always in GREAT condition. I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who lives out in that area. All in all this Mommy gives it 2 out of 5 stars. haha


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