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Craft Classes Countrywide


John C. Campbell Folk School – Brasstown, NC (2 hours E of Chattanooga; 2 hours SW of Asheville)

A 300-acre camp offers a year round schedule of 2, 5 and 6 day sessions teaching traditional skills like basketry, calligraphy, needlework, woodworking, weaving, gardening, dyeing, enameling, cooking and historic costuming. Lodging options range from six-sleeper rustic dorm rooms to plush double rooms with private baths. Family-style meals feature organic produce grown on-site. Nearby county residents of TN, GA and NC can receive a 50% discount on a stand-by status. A typical 6/7 day class starts at $512, room and meals included. Schedules allow for free-time activities as well as approximately 6-7 hours of classes of fewer than 13 students that alternate between instructor demonstration, individual attention and time to work-at-your-own-pace.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops – Santa Fe, NM (1 hour NE of Albuquerque)

Housed in an active monastery, more than 150 workshops lasting 3-7 days focus on location, outdoor, travel, environment, portraits, and other aspects of the art of visual storytelling like Adobe Photoshop and B&W developing. Beginners, advanced amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts are all welcomed, and expected to bring a working knowledge of how to use a laptop computer, a laptop computer itself, a digital SLR camera and a working knowledge of said camera. Many workshops also require a 20 image portfolio. Those taking 2 or more workshops in a year and a parent or grandparent attending the same week as a child/grandchild can receive discounts. Meal plans for lunch run $175 (breakfast $50 extra), rooms $300+ and the workshops themselves $295 – $985.

Country Threads Quilt Camp – Garner, IA (2 hours N of Des Moines; 2.5 hours S of Minneapolis)

Held in the hayloft of a 19th-century barn about 3 times a year in the town of Garner, population 3000, this 4-day class on quilting is taught by 2 master patternmakers. Lodging nearby runs approximately $60-$80 a night, while the quilting class is $175 and includes 4 meals, patterns, door prizes and instruction.

The Steel Yard – Providence, RI (1 hour S of Boston; 1.5 hours E of Hartford)

Learn the basics of blacksmithing, stone setting, welding, glassblowing or ceramics in 1 weekend. Meals and lodging are not provided, but the weekend classes include tools and materials for $115.

Atlanta Printmakers Studio – Atlanta, GA (you know where it is!)

Weekend workshops on bookbinding, lithography, etching, fine-art printmaking and letterpress offered year-round. Meals and accommodations not provided during these $85-$200 workshops but many local options.

Penland School of Crafts – Penland, NC (1 hour NE of Asheville; 2.5 hours W of Greensboro)

Two-week sessions on a variety of extensive art-forms like woodcarving, glassblowing, chair upholstery, pottery, photography and wooden furniture making. Meals and dorm accommodations available, though not included in the $445-$640 weekly fee.

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