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Sales – Yard, Garage, Consignment


Many tout the virtues of garage/yard sales and until recently, I have to admit I’ve been skeptical. The few sales I’d attempted to find loot on the cheap had been sorely disappointing. Last week, a close-by friend informed me of a sale close to her house that had some boy baby clothes. Expecting #2 baby (#1 boy), I decided to head over and see what was to be seen.

I should have taken a photo before sorting and putting it all away. Asking price: $0.25 a piece. After looking over the 8 foot table piled 3 feet high, and seeing the quality brands and clean unworn appearance, I asked what she would take for the whole lot. She was definitely savvy and didn’t give a straight answer, so I pulled out $15 in dollar bills and quarters and said I have $15, will you take $15 for the whole lot? She didn’t even hesitate. I came home with 4 boxes of onsies, sleepers, jackets, pants, outfits, socks, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, shoes, socks and hats for Newborn through 18 months. I kid you not, this boy has stuff to SPARE! Two items have a stain, but there are several name brand items with tags still attached (future gifts). A Braves onsie (necessity of course) and even some superhero undies – what a find! $15 for 25 cents a piece would have been less than 1 box, or even just the Braves onsie when it was new!

Must say I’m psyched to find more sales when I need something! And to JUST ASK. Can’t say yes if you don’t ask and the worst they’ll say is no!

On another note, baby/kid consignment sales are definitely worth checking out. I usually go just on the 1/2 price day, and pick up whatever I need that is left (unless I am looking for something specific). You can find all manner of toys, clothes, games, shoes and gear, even maternity clothing for $1 – $2 a piece. The tags will usually specify a YES which means it’s 1/2 off, otherwise it’s still full-price (I’ve been surprised at the register!). If you’re in the Atlanta area, the All 4 Kids sale is one of the largest and best, and also the busiest (expect 45 – 75 minutes in line to checkout). If you have time to travel around, go for it. If not, may I suggest the Bentwater Subdivision (Acworth) sale and Kennesaw’s Next Generation sale. BargainWatcher has most sales listed nationwide, searchable by state, date, county, and city.


  • A laundry basket with a belt or rope to drag with you as you shop is really worth it (or any kind of rolling or easily pulled/pushed cart or suitcase). Never fails there will be more than you expected to find and long lines with the little bags of socks and hats and hangers of tiny but weighty clothing….
  • I look for anything still tagged for future gift items. I store them in a plastic container in the closet, with an open bottle of scented baby wash to get a fresh smell permeated in them. I’ve found snuggly-bears, blankets, socks, onsies, washcloths, memory albums, etc.
  • Start at the end of the row of a size, and work to the beginning to avoid the gaggle at the beginning. Then you can simply cross paths instead of waiting on someone slower in front of you (or being the slower one with an impatient mom behind!).
  • Volunteer for a (typically) 4-5 hour shift and/or sell unwanted items to get in earlier to the sales if you need something particular.
  • Definitely leave young kids home. It’s not worth it.
  • Eat and use a restroom before you go in. Seems “duh” but I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who gets 1/2 way through a 2 hour shopping trip without having to go, and the locations have yet to provide a restroom (or even a porta-potty).

Happy sale-ing!

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  1. Rebekah permalink
    06/25/2009 6:55 pm

    Cool! Glad you found such a good deal on baby clothes!

    Something else readers should keep in mind:

    In relation to yard/garage and bargain sales: If you are doing this because you are trying to save money you must have a plan. You can’t just stop whenever you see a sale and get whatever bargains there are to be had, you will ending spending more than you can afford and possibly getting more than you actually need.

    -Have a fund set aside for these sales. When your fund is empty, you have to ignore the sales. It is SO tempting (especially when you have a need for something specific at the moment) to see a yard sale and think, “OH, What IF they have a bargain on _______!?” And you stop and maybe they don’t have it or maybe they do… but you end up spending money you didn’t have at the time. There WILL be another bargain another day when you HAVE the money!

    -Have a list of the things that you NEED. Think hard before you put things on the list, make sure they are actual needs and not just wants. Mark off the things as you get them and resist the temptation to buy stuff not on the list. If you are at a sale and see something not on your list and your urge is to buy it, think twice. Chances are it isn’t something you need and buying it is only a step backward.

    Bottom line, you MUST have self control. Just because something is a bargain doesn’t mean YOU are getting a bargain depending on your financial situation.

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